• Intro to Tactical Medicine

Intro to Tactical Medicine


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This class was developed for the every day civilian who wants to be prepared for a critical incident that may occur at anytime. This class will cover severe bleeding, gunshot wounds, blast injuries and other injuries common to active shooter incidents or terrorist attacks. Though this class is only one day in length, it is mainly a hands-on course to reinforce life-saving skills needed in today’s world.

This class will cover:

Assessing a Wounded Person
Stopping or Slowing Bleeding
Tourniquet use
Nasal Airway’s
Use of Pressure Dressings
Evacuating Injured Person’s
Use of Hemostatic Gauze

Matt is the current law enforcement manager for Sig Sauer.  Matt's background includes service with the US Army, 10 yrs law enforcement, & 10 yrs in the private defense market
Matt is a current advanced level EMT, tactical combat casualty care instructor, pre-hospital trauma life saver instructor, and tactical life saver instructor