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Axelson Axe A2 Blast Shield

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The Axe A2 Blast Shield protects both the shooter and those around the shooter from the concussive force of muzzle blast. It is a vital addition to any rifle whether it is used near other shooters on the firing line at your local range or around teammates in a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) environment. The Axe A2 Blast Shield works with any MIL-SPEC A2 Flash Hider as well as with the BCM Gunfighter Compensator MOD O. It works by redirecting the concussive force of muzzle blasts forward and away from the shooter and anyone around them. The mitigation of that force also reduces instances of tinnitus and headaches caused by shooting. The Axe A2 Blast Shield makes shooting more comfortable while providing an extra layer of hearing protection as well as protection against debris that might otherwise blow back into the shooter’s eyes.

1 7/8" Length

1 9/16 Diameter

*** Includes A2 Muzzle Brake and Crush Washer 

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