Pro Staff


Kyleigh has been shooting since she was 8 years old. Her dad began training her on a Browning Buckmark .22 pistol. She transitioned to her very own Sig Mosquito .22 in 2013 and hasn't looked back. Training with her dad and with Niki Jones of Austin Sure Shots has led to her love of guns and hunting. She is very comfortable with the AR15 and the 300 Blackout (suppressed). In April of 2015 she shot her first 9mm handgun and now competes with a full size Springfield XD 9mm. Kyleigh will be competing in steel challenge and falling steel matches. She plans to try her hand at 3 gun matches soon as well.



Josh officially joined the Axelson team in 2017 but has worked with Axelson Tactical at various events for over a year. Josh also represents Smoke Composites and Bullseye USA. Josh has been employed as a deputy sheriff in California for nearly 9 years and has worked patrol for the majority of that time. Josh has also seen work in specialty assignments such as firearms instructor, armorer, OHV patrol, grant writing and narcotics.


Rich Wolfe

It began in 2005 watching the TV show American Shooter. While I’d never shot a handgun before, I’d grown up in the farming town of Merced, CA and was familiar with shooting. Like many little boys, my experience had been with BB guns and taking aim at errant squirrels. In watching the show, I saw a great sport and the opportunity to challenge myself, so I began by shooting bulls eye matches at our local range.

After a few months a gentleman approached me with the idea that there were many other shooting disciplines that I might like to try. That man was Richard Koester and has since become my mentor and friend. He’s also the reason I exceled so quickly in this sport. He shared his insights, experience and even his gear while I found my way.

In 2006 I entered my first major competition, the International Revolver Championship. Thanks to Richard’s guidance and a great deal of hard work, I placed fifth in the Open Division and seventh Overall. I haven’t looked back since! Today I compete year round across the country